Privacy policy

of the IT application named "myULMA"


    1. This privacy policy ("Policy") refers to the software application named "myULMA" ("Application") provided by the company "ULMA Construction Poland" S.A. with headquarters at Koszajec, entered into the Commercial Register of the National Court Register (KRS) with number KRS: 0000055818, with tax identification number (NIP): 5270203299 and with identification number of the company (REGON): 01120152000000 ("ULMA") remotely through the Internet, allowing the Users access to the Content.
    2. As long as upper-case letters are used in the Policy that are not defined separately in this document, they shall have the meaning given them in the Terms and Conditions for the provision of services through the Application, available here.
    3. The entity that publishes information on the end-user device (for example, PC, tablet, mobile phone), in the form of cookies files (hereinafter "cookies"), and at the same time obtain access to them, is ULMA.
    4. The cookies are encrypted in such a way that unauthorised persons cannot access them.


    1. Cookies are computer data that the browser and Application can send to a server during each use of the Application, and which are stored in the Licensee's or User's end device.
    2. Cookies contain data, such as:
      1. duration of storage in the User's end device;
      2. unique number that is generated to identify the Internet browser used by the User to connect to the Application;
      3. unique number that identifies the User's end device;
      4. Public IP address of the end device from which the request was made (may be the User's end device directly);
      5. name of the User's end device - identification using HTTP protocol if possible;
      6. username provided during the authorisation process;
      7. number of bytes sent by the server,
      8. time of application;
      9. first line of the HTTP request;
      10. HTTP response code;
      11. Information on the User's browser;
      12. Information on errors.
    3. Further details on cookies can be obtained at:
      1. wszystkoociasteczkach.pl y youronlinechoices.com;
      2. in the menu of the browser in the "help" section.


    1. The Application uses Cookies to store information that allows ULMA:
      1. adapt the Application and services provided through it to the requirements of the Licensees and Users;
      2. improves the functioning of the Application;
      3. develops the functions of the Application;
      4. analyses the traffic and actions of Users in the Application.
    2. Cookies aim to:
      1. optimise the Application;
      2. guarantee uniform traffic from the network between servers;
      3. manage User sessions in the Application;
      4. compile anonymous statistics so that ULMA can better understand the expectations of the Users and develop the Application;
      5. guarantee the correct operation of certain functions of the Application;
    3. ULMA users Cookies:
      1. Depending on their duration, Cookies can be divided into:
        1. "persistent" - expire according to when the objective for which they serve is met or when they are deleted manually. They allow, among other things, to determine which Users are new and which ones have used the Application previously;
        2. "session" - these are temporary files that expire whenever the user closes the Application (closes the session). They allow, among other things, to determine whether the data can be collected for the current session for using the Application, or if a new session for using the Application has been started.
      2. Depending on the purpose for which ULMA processes the Cookies:
        1. basics - they are installed if the User has given his/her consent by configuring the software installed in his/her end device. Among the basic cookies we can identify:
          1. techniques - necessary for the Application to run smoothly, used by ULMA, among other things, to show its pages properly - according to the device used, or to record if the User has given their consent to display certain contents;
          2. analysis - needed for ULMA to analyse how the Application operates and how it is used by the Licensees and Users, even for measuring the efficiency of the marketing activities without identifying personal data and for improving the operation of the Application;
        2. marketing - stored on the device only if the User has given his/her consent. These cookies allow us to send advertising messages to the Users adapted to their preferences, including based on the User's behaviour while using the Application.


    The data collected through the Cookies is stored during:

    type of Cookies storage period
    session 1 day
    CookieConsent 1 year
    XSRF-TOKEN 1 day


    1. When changing the configuration on your browser, the User can:
      1. exclude the possibility that ULMA uses Cookies in certain end device;
      2. limits the possibility that ULMA uses Cookies in certain end device.
    2. The changes mentioned in point 6.1. May be made by the user at any time.
    3. The limitation or exclusion of the Cookies by ULMA may affect the operation of the Application, including its functions.
    4. More details on the opportunity to change the configuration of the Cookies can be found in your browser menu in the "help" section, as well as in the pages:
      name of browser management
      Mozilla https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/how-clear-firefox-cache
      Chrome https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95647?hl=en
      Internet Explorer https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/windows/delete-and-manage-cookies-168dab11-0753-043d-7c16-ede5947fc64d
      Safari https://support.apple.com/en-gb/guide/safari/sfri11471/mac
      Opera https://help.opera.com/en/latest/web-preferences/#cookies


    Personal information on the users is treated within the scope indicated in the information clause available here.